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4 Benefits of Specifying American-Made Metal Tubing


“Made in the USA” is more than a marketing gimmick. 

American manufacturing is an investment in peerless and uncompromised quality. You’re supporting an industry that has been a backbone of the U.S. economy for a century.

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In fact, the fabricated metals industry is the third largest manufacturing industry in the US, with an estimated 1.4 million employed workers. Metal fabrication accounts for 12% of all manufacturing employees in the country.

American-made metal tubing holds up our bridges and sends us into space. And as many benefits as American manufacturing provides, international manufacturing creates a number of problems.

The Problem With International Manufacturing

2016: In order to bolster American manufacturing and to prevent a flood of underpriced international product, the United States increased duties on Chinese steel by 500%.

This increase in raw material costs (along with quality control issues with Chinese materials) are making American manufacturing and materials more viable options.

International manufacturing also creates a logistical problem in product development and fabrication. The distance between you and your vendor inhibits turn-around time, communication, quality control, and other basic necessities.

In addition, correcting issues or streamlining the manufacturing process is distractingly difficult – not to mention working across international quality control and regulations.

These are all hidden costs to consider when looking for a non-American metal tube manufacturer.

4 Benefits of American Metal Tube Manufacturing

With American manufacturing, you can develop your metal tube products while working in close proximity to the fabrication process.

Whatever your needs, whether for HVAC or handle fabrication, you’ll be able to accelerate the production of your metal tubing without international delays.

Because of the proximity to other manufacturers, the ability to coordinate with other portions of your design process (engineering, optimization, automation) is much easier. This saves time and money in design and fabrication.

Choosing American metal tubing can also help rebuild many communities by offering steady and fulfilling work. After the decline of the steel industry in the “rust belt,” many of the industry jobs left. Small-town America suffered.

Now these jobs are coming back, and home-grown products are competitive in price and quality.

A Better Product, A Better America

As manufacturers and engineers, we want to see American innovation make a comeback. We want to see our country compete and thrive in a global economy -- standing on our own two feet. That is the American dream, after all.

As for metal tube manufacturing, metal tubing made in America provides a number of benefits:

  1. Higher quality
  2. Built to stricter standards
  3. Keeps our communities healthy and employed
  4. Contributes to the overall growth of our economy

Partnering with domestic companies to create innovative domestic products is our passion. How about you?

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 (Editor’s note: This blog was originally posted in December 2016 and was recently updated.)

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