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Top 5 Carbon Steel Tubing Applications & Industries


Carbon steel tubing may not be very pleasing to the eye, but it is certainly functional. For the cost-conscious, carbon steel is a material made in heaven. 

Carbon steel tubing offers the same benefits of stainless steel tubing. Strength, durability, recyclability. (However, carbon steel will require additional finishing to compete with stainless steel's corrosion resistance.)

So what do we use carbon steel for? Here are some of the most common applications.

Top 5 Carbon Steel Tubing Industries & Applications

1.  Structure & Infrastructure

Carbon steel works is the hidden pillar of society. It's used in building construction, water transport, and sewage transport. It holds strong against vibration and stress, making it perfect for infrastructure foundations. It's a durable, stable, cost-effective solution for commercial and government development. 

2.  Mechanical

Some applications require more manufacturing precision than structural tubing. In mechanical applications (solar components, agricultural products, medical tools, technological components), tolerances must be tight to prevent accidents or prouct failure.

Carbon steel tubing is incredibly easy (and affordable) to manufacture to tight tolerances. 

3.  Automotive

The auto industry loves carbon steel tubing. You'll commonly find it in idlers, lancing pipes, fuel transfer systems, and HVAC systems. It's a cheap, relatively lightweight material that can stand up to the stress of daily driving. It's also resistant to the corrosive properties of different fluids that circulate throughout the vehicle.

4.  Furniture

Hollow carbon steel tubing is a lightweight solution for indoor and outdoor furniture. It's resistant to the bumps and distresses of daily life. Hospitals are especially fond of steel tubing for their beds. 

Carbon steel is also used for home furniture such as dining sets, couches, tables, and patio furniture. 


5.  Pressure

Carbon steel tubing is popular for compressed fluid systems. These include circulating heat systems, sprinkler systems, and other high-heat, low-temp, extreme pressure applications. 

Handled incorrectly, pressurized gases, steam, and other fluids can be dangerous to the population. Carbon steel tubing ensures these fluids get where they need to go efficiently and without incident.


As you can see, carbon steel tubing is perfect for many commercial and industrial applications. It's cost-effective, durable, and versatile. If you don't care about aesthetics, this is definitely the material for you.

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