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4 Reasons You Should Emboss Your Tubular Steel Products

embossing tubular steel products saves money

Embossing is a fantastic process for strengthening tubular steel. To emboss tubular steel, the original material coil is run through a roll forming mill, and male/female dies are used to press the metal into the embossed pattern.

We recently used this embossing process to decrease a client's material costs. They were able to retain the quality of their original design while cutting costs dramatically. Check out the full story here: Embossed Tube Case Study.

1.  Embossing increases strength while decreasing material requirements.

Embossing is a strengthening process - that means you can use less material and achieve the same or greater strength as the original metal. Or, you can keep the same amount of material and strengthen it beyond its usual capacity.

For high-strength applications (such as infrastructure and construction) embossing can be a lifesaver. Although large orders bring long-term financial benefits, they're still incredibly expensive up front. Decreasing the amount of material you need can be the difference between coming in under budget and breaking your bank.

2.  All types & shapes of tubular steel can be embossed.

HSLA steel, galvanized steel, hot or cold rolled steel, any steel alloy - you name it, we can emboss it! Other common materials that can be embossed are aluminum, copper, brass, and zinc.

Since the embossing process is performed on the original material coil, we can take the embossed material and shape it into any tubular steel form. Check out our Tube Sizing Quick Reference Guide for more info on our tube shapes and sizes.

3. Embossing is also aesthetic.

Increased strength is fantastic - but you'll also get an attractive piece out of the process! For strength-focused embossing, we tend to roll simple parallel lines into the tubular steel. However, there are endless possibilities for aesthetic embossing.

Other popular embossing patterns include wood grains, striations, and circular patterns. Purely aesthetic embossing can even create beautiful works of art in a piece of metal!

warsaw-1201524_1920 (1)

4.  Embossing provides additional benefits.

Aside from increasing strength, embossing can help:

-disperse fluids more efficiently,
-reduce static,
-increase surface area (great for heat transference),
-and improve traction.

Tubing that transports liquids and gases can especially benefit from these secondary advantages.

Need a high-strength, low-cost solution for your tubular steel products?

Embossing might be just what you need. It saves material costs, retains the strength of your original design, and allows for more flexibility in planning and executing steel tubing designs.

Talk to your manufacturer for more information about embossing, or contact us!

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