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Industrial Powder Coating Services: Cost, Efficiency, Durability

Industrial Powder Coating Services

Powder coating is an attractive option for any industrial metal product (like construction vehicles, power tools, and other machinery). Industrial powder coating services offer a more modern, high-quality finish for metal and other materials compared to liquid paint or uncoated products.

And they’re often cheaper. “Really?” you’re probably thinking. Yes, really.

Industrial powder coating services are popular due to their wide range of uses. If you’re looking for more on the process itself -- as well as its benefits unrelated to costs -- check out this article.

If you want to know how powder coating can possibly be cheaper than paint, keep reading.

Industrial Powder Coating Services Improve Cost Efficiency


Let’s get the initial hurdle out of the way: setup costs. For manufacturers, introducing powder coating to their lineup could be cost prohibitive. Powder coating requires an electrostatic booth, an oven, spray materials, and hangers. If those things sound expensive, it’s because they are.

However, if you or your manufacturer of choice is already equipped with these capabilities, you’re ready to roll.

Powder Coating and Assembly

Now let’s talk about production costs.

The base product for powder coating is cheaper, and the process covers more area than most other wet-painting processes, translating to lower material costs. The coating process is automation-friendly, so you can also save on labor expenses. A provider needs minimal operator training and supervision on a powder line.

Engineers are optimistic that continual development of new coating powders will reduce costs even more.

As for liquid paints, they’re generally thinned with solvent before application. Want to avoid pollution taxes and fines? Stick with powder coating.

(Fun fact: One of the catalysts in expanding the market for powder coating has been the implementation of stringent air pollution control legislation over the past few decades.)

Along those lines, powder has lower disposal costs. The “reclaim” feature minimizes waste generation, so there’s less unused material to throw away.


We still stand by this equation that calculates how much money you can save by taking advantage of powder coating’s efficiency.

Powder coating is a one-and-done coating. It covers more area than many other finishes. Wet paint can also require multiple coats to achieve the same aesthetic as a single coat of powder, which can more than double the base materials cost.

Powder coating is much more efficient material-wise. Any oversprayed powder can be collected and reused -- and it’s surprisingly easy to do so. The numbers are startling:

  • Powder: reclaim up to 98%
  • Liquid paint spray: reclaim at least 30% but rarely over 65%



Another reason industrial powder coating services are popular? Their durability compared with other finishes.

Powder coating lasts longer than paint coatings in just about every way. It can handle wear and tear like no other finish.

So while you may be thinking paint in the short term, powder coating’s long-term costs are easier to swallow. Your powder coat will last much longer before maintenance is necessary.

Here are a few ways in which powder outlasts paint and most other coatings:

  • Twice as thick as most paints
  • Can bend and yield with vibration and jarring
  • Highly resistant to chipping and scratching
  • Resists fading, corrosion, chemicals, UV light, moisture, and weather


Find Yourself a Powder Coating Expert Now

One point to note: Some manufacturers will reject requests for small, customized orders. Or, if they do accept such requests, they’ll charge you out the wazoo to cover their operational costs. Probably not an efficient way to address your finishing needs.

The long-term production cost outlook of industrial powder coating services is much brighter than that of other finishes because they offer superior durability and efficiency.

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