Why CustomPartNet Rules as a Manufacturing Cost Estimation Tool & More

custompart.netWhen it comes to part fabrication, there are so many variables that need to be considered. You have to come up with a manufacturing cost estimation, the best material to use, the optimal fabrication process, and the right supplier to create the part.

These details are a big part of any product development cycle, and they must not be skimmed over if you're going to accelerate your time to market, create a quality part, and have a satisfied end customer.

That's why CustomPartNet is a valuable resource that we suggest you use when developing your next part.

Manufacturing Cost Estimation & Other Online Tools

CustomPartNet is built so designers and engineers can make better decisions throughout the product design and part fabrication processes. The site contains a "knowledge center," where it offers information on a variety of different fabrication processes, such as how each process works, the pros and cons of the process, and other information that can help inform your decision.

The site also includes:

  • Cost analysis case studies
  • Part redesign info
  • Product development info
  • Comprehensive resource section

Upon creating an account, users can also:

  • Seek part estimates
  • Use interactive tools to help design and simulate manufacturing
  • Create a part library
  • Manage estimates in a customizable workspace

You can seamlessly share cost estimates and other information with co-workers through the platform.

CustomPartNet and Metal Fabrication

CustomPartNet is an especially valuable resource when it comes to metal fabrication. Here's a look at some of the fabrication processes that the site offers information on when it comes to part design and manufacturing:

  • Metal casting, including centrifugal casting, die casting, investment casting, sand casting and shell mold casting
  • Machining, including milling, turning and hole making
  • Sheet metal fabrication, including forming, and cutting with and without shears
  • Additive fabrication, including direct metal laser sintering (DMLS)

Estimation calculators are offered for die casting, sand casting and machining, and are available via various categories so engineers can get a ballpark idea on cost.

Once you're set on a part fabrication process, you can then move on to find a supplier. You're able to search for suppliers by name, geographic region and/or part fabrication method through CustomPartNet.

When Fabricating, Use the Buddy System

As you can see, CustomPartNet can be a valuable resource in your designing and engineering toolbox. And one of the biggest benefits about becoming a user on the site is that it's free.

Like we said, there are so many factors and important decisions that have to be made throughout the product development process. Metal fabrication is certainly one of them. CustomPartNet can help. So can a full-service metal manufacturer that offers everything under one roof, consolidating design and transport costs. Securing the services of an all-in-one vendor is a great next step after using a manufacturing cost estimation tool, or to help you better understand the estimate!

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