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5 Ways to Control the Cost of Tube Bending Services

For a general overview of tube bending types, check out this article.

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Tubular Steel Products: Non-Round & Special Shaped Welded Tubing

You've seen tubular steel products in action every day. They help you get to work safely, they help you shovel your driveway, and they're part of the bridges and roads you drive over during your...

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Corrosion of Tubular Steel Products Part 2: Prevention & Removal

More than other metals, stainless steel is used in many applications that require high levels of cleanliness and sanitation. Hospital equipment, medical tools, food service equipment, and...

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Corrosion in Tubular Steel Products Part 1: Causes & Types

What causes corrosion of tubular steel products?

Corrosion is a chemical process that slowly causes the breakdown of a metal. In steel, both oxygen and moisture are needed to begin the corrosion...

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Tubular Steel Products: Mechanical Tubing vs. Structural Tubing

What makes your steel tubing mechanical or structural? Here's how manufacturers classify these two  types of tubing based on their end use.

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8 Considerations for Choosing Powder Coating Services

Choosing the perfect powder coating services provider will depend on the specific needs of your project. No single powder coating facility will be perfect for every company or product.

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13 Ways You Can Reduce Metal Stamping Costs

Metal stamping costs can be quite hefty, especially for prototype products that require low volume, short production runs. In this post, we'll go over a few ways you can attempt to reduce your...

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Carbon Steel Tubing Advantages and Disadvantages

We've all heard about how great stainless steel is. It's durable, attractive, and lightweight.

But what about other types of steel? What if you can't afford stainless, or don't care about...

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5 Tricks to Reduce Metal Stamping Design Inconsistencies

The most common issue our clients face is a design that looks great on paper, but runs into problems during manufacturing. Metal stamping is a breeding ground for inconsistencies between design...

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Tubular Steel Products: Stainless Steel Finishing and Applications

Tubular steel products can be finished in a surprising number of ways. A few weeks ago, we did an article on powder coating for metal tubing. Today, we'll be focusing on common stainless steel...

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