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3 Basics of Welding Design for Product Engineering

Welding design matters. Welding is usually an "out of sight, out of mind" manufacturing process - if the product works great, you don't think about it. However, if the product fails, weld design...

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Why Choose Robotic Welding Services Over Hand Welding?

Manufacturing machinery is getting smarter by the day. While some tech (like super agile collaborative robots) are limited to only the most cutting-edge enterprise manufacturing facilities, other...

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7 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Material for Your Engineering Design

What influences a product's performance and reception? What makes a design a success or failure?

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The 6 Main Steps of Metal Tube Fabrication

Fabrication is an essential component of most metal tube supply chains. Unless your application requires very basic components (such as basic carbon steel tubing for structural...

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Cost of Stainless Steel Tubing vs. Aluminum Tubing

Stainless steel and aluminum. Both serve many functions in metal tubing fabrication. Each has pros and cons that help you determine which metal is best for your needs.

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Mild Steel Tubing Makes Your Industrial Engineering Design Affordable

What is mild steel? It's basically a slang term for low-carbon steel tubing. Any vendor in the metal manufacturing industry should understand what you're looking for when you request this material.

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The Difference Between Carbon Steel Tubing and Mild Steel Tubing

Technically, carbon steel tubing and mild steel tubing aren't different types of metal at all. Mild steel is carbon steel. (Technically, all steel is "carbon steel," since carbon is the...

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Grab the Bull by the Horns With Rapid Metal Prototyping

Some dynamic companies are effectively using rapid metal prototyping to change the landscape of their industry. You could be one of them.

Custom metal prototyping designs can help improve...

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How Value Engineering Can Change the World (Even Just a Little)

Bessemer Process. Trans-Continental Railroad. Ford Model T. 

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Industrial Aluminum Tube Benefits & Applications

We've talked at length about the benefits and applications of stainless steel tubing. Now, what makes aluminum tube such a strong competitor to the world's most popular industrial metal? 

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