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How American Manufacturing Can Eliminate Supply Chain Risks

Why do so many companies ignore the supply chain risks of outsourcing? Similar to the figure above, an entire 100% of supply chain executives acknowledged that insurance is a highly effective tool...

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Worried About Choosing American Manufacturing? Don't Be.

We hear a lot of talk about the decline of American manufacturing. Corporations are outsourcing. Jobs are fleeing for lands where production is cheaper, and "high quality" is a four letter word. 


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Sheet Metal Laser Cutting: What Will You Pay?

Use Laser to cut through the competition cost-efficiently.

So you’ve got a project that needs to look great. Tight tolerances and incredible precision are on your mind. We bet the potential cost...

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4 Realistic Ways to Cut Aluminum Tubing Costs

In the world of manufacturing, aluminum tubing and other component purchases take time -- often several months of research and back-and-forth. So if you’re an engineer or senior buyer, you’re...

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5 Quick Facts You Didn’t Know About Industrial Sheet Metal

Industrial sheet metal is one of the fundamental materials of metalworking. Many metal objects in shops and homes were fabricated from sheet metal.

Despite its everyday presence, you might want...

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Stainless Steel Vs. Carbon Steel Tubing: Find Your Soulmate

You know them. You love them. Stainless steel and carbon steel tubing are very popular industrial products.

We understand why everyone fawns over stainless steel. It's beautiful, and it ages well.

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Industrial Powder Coating Services: Cost, Efficiency, Durability

Powder coating is an attractive option for any industrial metal product (like construction vehicles, power tools, and other machinery). Industrial powder coating services offer a more modern,...

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Carbon Steel Tubing Overview for Commercial & Industrial Projects

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And if you’re holding high hopes for carbon steel tubing for your next job, rest assured it’s far more valuable in function than in form.


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Sheet Metal Laser Cutting vs. Plasma Cutting -- Which Should You Specify?

Many engineers and their customers have asked this simple question: Laser cutting or plasma cutting?

Deciding if sheet metal laser cutting is right for you can be complicated. First let’s review...

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How 316 vs. 316L Stainless Steel Affects Tubing Design


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