Can Your Powder Coated Tube Supplier Meet Your Booth Size Needs?

powder coated tube 1When it comes to finishes for commercial or industrial aluminum or steel tubing parts, OEMs want something that looks slick, stands up to wear and tear, and is cost-effective. And if they have reservations about paint (and they should), they usually turn to powder coated tube.

The powder coating booth itself, though, can be a problem. Is it big enough to handle your components? Will they receive an even coating? 

Here are the capabilities you should look for when seeking powder coating services:

Powder Coated Tube Basics

First, the basics. The benefits of powder coated tube include:

  • Durability for a wide range of uses. It holds up especially well for tubing. A powder coated tube finish is more resistant to wear and tear than wet paint.

  • Consistent overall thickness. Even the hardest-to-reach areas receive even coverage.

  • Excess powder is reused for cost-effectiveness. There is virtually no waste associated with your production costs.

  • More eco-friendly and safer than paint.

The Right Booth Size for the Powder Coating Job

Powder Coating and Assembly

Achieving these benefits, of powder coating is not guaranteed just because an OEM metal fabrication company says they have the capability.

The best industrial powder coating services require the right equipment, run by knowledgeable personnel from a company that specializes in tube production.

Some questions to ask yourself when calculating your size requirements for a powder coating spray booth include:

  • Is it large enough to accommodate the largest product or batch of products you have so throughput efficiency requirements are met? And you can keep your project in one place as part of a streamlined, one-stop experience?

  • Do booth speeds and capacities meet both the current and future needs? (Again, keeping these kinds of projects under one house saves time and money.

  • Is the booth large enough that the manufacturer avoids overspray and powder contamination on other parts?

  • Does the booth allows extra room for the powder coating gun to work around the part without jostling it while coating is applied?

Powder Coated Tubing Services at McHonepowder coating a tube on a table

When we upgraded our powder coated tubing booth, we carefully weighed our options to make sure the perfect equipment was available to complete your jobs in the quickest, most cost-efficient manner possible.

Need a state-of-the-art powder coating line for a project that requires visual appeal? Come visit our five-stage iron phosphate wash system. Computer-controlled and articulating electrostatic spraying equipment gives your components consistent coverage. The overhead conveyor line is 750 feet long and can run up to 25 feet per minute, depending on the components.

Worried about the size of your metal components? We can get very creative how we send them through the line. One of our largest industrial powder coating projects was an order of bed frames, but we can also accommodate the needs of smaller tubing products for a wide variety of industries.

If you are looking for powder coated tubing that’s efficient and battle-tested, talk to us about your powder spray booth needs -- chances are we can make it work together!

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