Benefits of Powder Coating Services for All Industries [Infographic]

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What makes powder coating great for all industries?

Powder coating services are the smartest choice of finish for any industry that uses metal products or parts. Some other finishing options include liquid paints or leaving your part uncoated. Liquid paints are short-lived, wasteful, expensive, and bad for the environment. If you need your product to look good aesthetically or stand up to corrosive materials (water, salt), you need to give it some type of coating so it lasts more than a few years.

Industrial and commercial applications love powder coating. It's incredibly durable, resistant to corrosion, and protects its underlying metal better than other comparable coatings. Bulldozers, dump trucks, and cranes are only a few pieces of commercial equipment that take advantage of powder coating's long life.

If you like stats, here are some concrete powder coating facts from Steel King:

-Powder coating is 60% more resistant to solvents
-74% more resistant to salt spray
-94% more resistant to impact and vibration

Those qualities are fantastic for any outdoor or industrial applications.

Powder coating is also used on many everyday items, from coffee pots to cars parts to garden tools to cribs. Powder coating offers many benefits over liquid paint finishes, not the least of which is long-term cost-effectiveness.

This infographic illustrates the main benefits of powder coating for all industries.

benefits powder coating services infographic

Could your project benefit from powder coating services?

Most likely, yes. Currently, powder coating projects must be metal, since the curing process requires a trip through a very hot oven. Rubber, wood, and other materials are likely to melt or burn.

Other than that, you're only limited by the size of your product (most ovens can only take parts that are less than 8' long). Powder coating can be done before assembly to make sure you reap all the benefits.
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