Grab the Bull by the Horns With Rapid Metal Prototyping

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Some dynamic companies are effectively using rapid metal prototyping to change the landscape of their industry. You could be one of them.

Custom metal prototyping designs can help improve prototypes, refine designs, bring down costs and production time, and give you a major leg up over competitors.

Some of the most innovative uses of prototyping in metal manufacturing come from the solar energy, lawn and garden, handle, and HVAC industries.

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Industries That Could Benefit From Rapid Metal Prototyping

Solar Energy

Solar energy is poised to be the next big domestic market with the cost of technology rapidly shrinking. There are many parts in solar energy products that benefit from metal manufacturing.

Solar-powered hot water tanks are being developed for use in coastal areas. These, along with heat exchangers and pressurized systems, benefit from stainless steel construction. Even the frames for solar panel arrays can be highly innovative and improve solar energy processes.

As this technology grows and expands, the ability to prototype and manufacture new technology will accelerate the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the solar energy industry.


Lawn and Garden

Lawn and garden products are an estimated $6 billion market.

New items are being developed for this market every day. Metal tubing has hundreds of applications in this industry, ranging from shovels to sprinklers.

Often times, the price point of a new product is the difference between success and failure. Being able to prototype a better engineered product for the consumer market AND manufacture it in the same place can save valuable time and money.


“Reinventing the wheel” has negative connotations, but the truth is that some of the oldest designs benefit the most from fresh ideas.

Being able to cost-effectively prototype and manufacture new metal tubing applications is one way to revitalize a potentially stagnating market.

By testing various designs and coatings, better engineered (and cheaper) products can be made. Further, they can reach the market faster by partnering with a manufacturer who is ready and willing to do it all.


Is there an industry more dynamic than HVAC? Industrial boiler and chiller systems are being updated and replaced with mixed air units, or other roof-top technology. The market is primed for innovation in both materials and design.

Duct and pipe fitting (as well as traditional tube manufacturing) can be used to prototype new designs or improve existing systems.

Streamlining existing processes is easy when your manufacturer knows how to dial-in the prototype design and mitigate potential manufacturing issues.

What to Look for in a Rapid Metal Prototyping Vendor

Metal prototyping & manufacturing could be the most significant cost of your design process. Working with the correct manufacturer can make a huge difference in turnaround time and total costs.

The right company will know which processes produce optimal parts. They can help you and your engineering team make adjustments based on their knowledge of machinery and process quirks.

It’s important to find the best fit for your needs. Most importantly, your metal manufacturing company should be able to maximize your time and money, no matter your industry.

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