Robotic Welding Services: Complete Your Supply Chain

Robotic welding machines welding steel

The robots are taking over. Even welding is not immune. This is great news if you’re seeking robotic welding services that can figure into your manufacturing supply chain.

A survey the Wall Street Journal cited in 2016 found that 35% of manufacturing companies have already adopted robotics into their supply chains.

There are several reasons why we recommend robotic welding over hand welding. You’re even better off if you’re using an all-in-one manufacturer to fulfill those needs.

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Robotic Welding Services: Tech You Can Trust

Spot or seam welding robots produce incredibly precise results. You can enforce control parameters without worrying about human mistakes.

Robots are useful in several welding forms, including:

"In the past, the cost, time and complexity associated with a highly automated warehouse deterred companies from making that kind of investment," said C. Dwight Klappich, vice president of research at information technology research and advisory firm Gartner Inc.

"Now, costs are going down. Plus, the flexibility and adaptability of smaller scale robotic systems allow them to be easily reconfigured to accommodate changing business needs. Both of those factors make the investment easier to justify."

Klappich said that back in early 2013. Today’s robotic technology is even more impressive -- and, integrated with an all-in-one manufacturer, can iron some kinks out of your supply chain.

Many full-service manufacturers are familiar with the processes of robotic welding services. If you pass your product on to another vendor, that vendor may not be up to speed on robotics or your product’s specific needs.

A comprehensive partner will understand your ultimate vision for your component. They’ll make sure you’re welding with the right material and thickness to produce your product the way you want it.

A Robot Never Sleeps

The biggest benefit of adding robotic welding to your supply chain is that robots require fewer breaks in production. They don’t need smoke breaks, and they always put 100% effort into each weld.

(Fun Fact: Machines also do not eat or pee.)

People must be managed, plus they require time off for sleep, vacations, bar mitzvahs, and more. The downtime on the shop floor because of excessive changeover and other inevitable human delay makes the supply chain suffer.

Have a last-minute request? Simply need faster cycle times? Robotics can help with that.

When an all-in-one manufacturer provides robotic welding services, you get a few other benefits:

  • Raw material procurement
  • Design assistance (This is a biggie. There are many ways to mess up welding.)
  • Finishing
  • Assembly
  • Packing and shipping

If your product can go in a straight line from fabrication to welding, time savings translate directly into cost savings.

Smart Spending

Let’s admit it: Most of the robots-versus-humans talk comes down to the almighty dollar.

If your vendor offers automated, repeated welds, you can save plenty of money. Hand welders simply can’t keep up with demand like robots can, which is problematic if your project is high-volume or you need a quick turnaround. If 50% of your vendor’s manufacturing labor hours are weld-related, think of the savings passed down to you by using robotic services.

A full-service team can evaluate your welding needs and deliver the more cost-efficient solution based on:

  • Who we purchase from and the current market
  • Purchase order cost
  • Logistics
  • Welded part durability
  • How welding fits into the entire supply chain

McHone Goes Beyond the Weld

Specifying robotic welding services can add value to your product. With the right vendor, you can effortlessly combine robotic welding services with numerous other in-house capabilities.

If you’d like to see more of what a full-service manufacturer can do for your welding needs, give us a holler.

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