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Nobody truly goes on a “blind date” anymore. Even with online matchmaking these days, you have the chance to sniff out every little detail of that person’s life before agreeing to anything....

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McHone: Rapid Metal Prototyping to Full-Scale Production

Sometimes an engineering design fails in the real world because it was mistranslated from theory to reality. To prevent this waste of time and money, your metal fabricator can provide you with...

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Manual Vs. Robotic Welding Services -- 4 Cost Factors

Engineers and buyers must always understand how much they are spending, what they are spending it on, and why. Welding is no different -- there’s much to consider when deciding whether to play it...

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How 316 vs. 316L Stainless Steel Affects Tubing Design


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Tube Bending Formulas & Common Terms | Tubular Components Design

This guide to tube bending formulas will help you optimize your tubular components. Download the full guide here for a complete list of dos and don'ts.

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When to Specify Mandrel Bending for Your OEM Component

There are four major types of bending you could specify for your component. Today we're just looking at mandrel and rotary draw bending - go here for more information on other types


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Should You Consider Powder Coating Services Earlier in Your Design?

Short answer: Yes, definitely.

Long answer: Like any other manufacturing process, powder coating automatically presents challenges. You can mitigate those challenges by designing your part with...

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3 Basics of Welding Design for Product Engineering

Welding design matters. Welding is usually an "out of sight, out of mind" manufacturing process - if the product works great, you don't think about it. However, if the product fails, weld design...

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7 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Material for Your Engineering Design

What influences a product's performance and reception? What makes a design a success or failure?

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Mild Steel Tubing Makes Your Industrial Engineering Design Affordable

What is mild steel? It's basically a slang term for low-carbon steel tubing. Any vendor in the metal manufacturing industry should understand what you're looking for when you request this material.

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