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Why Choose Robotic Welding Services Over Hand Welding?

Manufacturing machinery is getting smarter by the day. While some tech (like super agile collaborative robots) are limited to only the most cutting-edge enterprise manufacturing facilities, other...

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What's the Best Aluminum for Welding?

If your application requires aluminum welding fabrications, your first question should be "What's the best aluminum for welding?" 

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The 6 Main Steps of Metal Tube Fabrication

Fabrication is an essential component of most metal tube supply chains. Unless your application requires very basic components (such as basic carbon steel tubing for structural...

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How Material Affects Tube Bending Quality | Metal Fabrication

If you require tube bending for your product, material definitely matters. Certain materials are easier to bend, and there are different qualities that contribute to the final product. 


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What Makes a Metal Fabricator Right for You?

No matter how awesome a metal fabricator may be, they're not a good fit if they can't meet your needs. Everything else is secondary, no matter how next-gen their machines may be.

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Stainless Steel Welding: Choosing the Best Types of Steel

What makes a stainless steel good for welding? The secret is in the alloy ratios.

All quality welding requires a high level of material weldability. Weldability is affected by the chemical...

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How Can Metal Fabrication Fit Your Dream Supply Chain?

Does your current metal fabrication plan fit into your ideal supply chain? Or do they stretch it out so it looks like a particularly overcooked noodle?

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How to Spec Your Tubular Steel Products for Durability

Tubular steel products can be protected in two ways: choosing a strong, durable material from the get-go (such as 300- and 400-series stainless steels) or covering the steel with a protective...
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9 Metal Manufacturing Myths That Need to Die in a Fire

Metal manufacturing, like other types of manufacturing, has been struggling with global economic shifts such as China's continuing manufacturing developments, and Brexit's impact on the stock...

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USA Steel Tube Manufacturer Offers Free TV at Trade Show

Design 2 Part: June 15 & 16

Wednesday and Thursday of this week, June 15 & 16, we will be setting up shop in Raleigh, NC for the Design 2 Part trade show! Design 2 Part is the largest design &...

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