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5 Ways a Metal Bed Frame Manufacturer Can Help You Rest Easily

Metal provides a level of strength and longevity other materials simply can’t match. 

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Evaluating Hot Formed Vs. Cold Formed Hollow Sections

What’s the difference when it comes to hot formed vs. cold formed hollow sections? 

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4 Benefits of Specifying American-Made Metal Tubing

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How American Manufacturing Can Eliminate Supply Chain Risks

Freak natural disasters damaging major industrial centers all over the globe. Civil unrest in countries with major manufacturing hubs. Even a global pandemic crippling global manufacturing. 

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9 Contract Metal Manufacturing Considerations for Your OEM Project

Contract metal manufacturing is more than a business deal -- it's a partnership. It may be tempting to assess contract vendors based on face value alone, but that can cause more problems than it...

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4 Benefits of a Local Supply Chain for American Companies

Extremely cheap labor and production costs are incredibly enticing when considering outsourcing elements of your metal manufacturing supply chain. Who doesn’t want to save money?

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What’s the Difference Between Forming, Bending and Fabrication?

Metal manufacturing comes in many forms. Terms are tossed around like footballs, and sometimes one is incorrectly used in place of another.

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8 Things About Steel Tube Services You Should Know

It's OK to not have all the answers when you approach a metal manufacturer with a job. But it'll sure make you look smarter.

"Steel tube services" can mean a lot of different things. For one, a...

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Tube Bending Design Guidelines: Tight Tolerances Aren't All Good

A tight tolerance sounds great from a design engineer's perspective. It forces the manufacturer to put out product that matches your specifications exactly. It ensures each part is nearly...

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Our Laser Cutter Dimensions & What They Mean to Your Metal Components

Are you looking to complete a laser cutting project? At Mchone Industries, we offer sheet metal laser cutting services that are quick and cost-effective.

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