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Aluminum Tubing Traits: What You Need to Know

Aluminum tubing is one of the most popular metal fabrication materials for industrial uses.

For starters, it’s affordable. But there’s more you should know about this metal -- good and bad --...

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5 Quick Facts You Didn’t Know About Industrial Sheet Metal

Industrial sheet metal is one of the fundamental materials of metalworking. Many metal objects in shops and homes were fabricated from sheet metal.

Despite its everyday presence, you might want...

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Stainless Steel Vs. Carbon Steel Tubing: Find Your Soulmate

You know them. You love them. Stainless steel and carbon steel tubing are very popular industrial products.

We understand why everyone fawns over stainless steel. It's beautiful, and it ages well.

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Carbon Steel Tubing Overview for Commercial & Industrial Projects

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And if you’re holding high hopes for carbon steel tubing for your next job, rest assured it’s far more valuable in function than in form.


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Sheet Metal Laser Cutting vs. Plasma Cutting -- Which Should You Specify?

Many engineers and their customers have asked this simple question: Laser cutting or plasma cutting?

Deciding if sheet metal laser cutting is right for you can be complicated. First let’s review...

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How 316 vs. 316L Stainless Steel Affects Tubing Design


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What's the Best Aluminum for Welding?

If your application requires aluminum welding fabrications, your first question should be "What's the best aluminum for welding?" 

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7 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Material for Your Engineering Design

What influences a product's performance and reception? What makes a design a success or failure?

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Cost of Stainless Steel Tubing vs. Aluminum Tubing

Stainless steel and aluminum. Both serve many functions in metal tubing fabrication. Each has pros and cons that help you determine which metal is best for your needs.

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Mild Steel Tubing Makes Your Industrial Engineering Design Affordable

What is mild steel? It's basically a slang term for low-carbon steel tubing. Any vendor in the metal manufacturing industry should understand what you're looking for when you request this material.

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