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What's the Best Aluminum for Welding?

As a softer metal that still boasts plenty of strength, aluminum is a preferred choice in fabrication and production. 

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Plate Rolling Services and Aluminum Formability


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Evaluating Hot Formed Vs. Cold Formed Hollow Sections

What’s the difference when it comes to hot formed vs. cold formed hollow sections? 

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Square Tubing Vs. Round: Tube Bending

While metal tubing can be formed into a variety of shapes, square and round tubing are the two most common across a variety of applications. 

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Laser Cutting Services: In-House Manufacturing Vs. Outsourcing

Is it better to send out the laser-cutting portion of a job to manufacturers who specialize in that kind of work and pay their laser cutter prices? Or does it make more cents (sorry) to buy the...

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Industrial Welding Services: MIG vs TIG Welding

What’s the difference between MIG vs. TIG welding for your industrial project?

Each form of industrial welding services has its own strengths and uses. Here’s what matters for choosing MIG or TIG...

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CNC Bending Services: Everything You Need to Know

Those dang millennials. Always trying to be in front of a computer screen. Now it's even spilled into the world of metal manufacturing, and the way we fabricate metal tubing and sheets

What is CNC...

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Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Services: What Will You Pay?

So you’ve got a project that needs to look great. Tight tolerances and incredible precision are on your mind. We bet the potential cost is riding your brain waves, too.

Perhaps you’ve already...

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What’s the Difference Between Forming, Bending and Fabrication?

Metal manufacturing comes in many forms. Terms are tossed around like footballs, and sometimes one is incorrectly used in place of another.

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8 Things About Steel Tube Services You Should Know

It's OK to not have all the answers when you approach a metal manufacturer with a job. But it'll sure make you look smarter.

"Steel tube services" can mean a lot of different things. For one, a...

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